Why I Love Blogging..

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I don’t know since when I started having taste for blogging but I was in need of someone since long time.Someone who can act as a mirror to me and answer all my questions through some signs.I was in need of a silent listener who must have the patience to listen to every kind of feelings a human has.I use to think whether  there is any perfect means of communication in this world through which I can talk to  myself?But one of my friend told me that yes, i can talk to myself and get a response in return too.All this is possible through writing.

I may be untrue or dual to people at times.But I never pretend or lie while writing.It is because none of us are good in articulation but while writing we transform the feelings of our heart into the form of words.Nowadays almost every translation is possible but this is the most difficult translation I have ever experienced in my life.But slowly and steadily my heart and my thoughts have started developing the rapport with each other.I think one of the best ways to connect to God is through writing because I know that he is listening to me.I think that God has created beautiful world.If i feel like smiling when it rains then why I shouldn’t write about it. If a river looks like a painting or it shines like a gold in sunlight then why I shouldn’t share it with you.If I get smitten by love or when I am high on bubbly,happy or sad then I must write on it.Love is the most beautiful feeling.It is the basic fuel which propels the functioning of this human world. Yes,there is lot of roughness too but whenever I experience something beautiful or when something stupefies me i love to write about it.It all depends on the perception.You have to find it.

Through this blog I communicate with my self.And whenever I talk to myself,words come out naturally.God has given us beautiful life.Why we always look for a reason in order to smile?Just go out for vacations at some beautiful place like beaches,etc.Most of the time we cry for the materialistic things.One of the episode of SATYAMEVA JAYATE inspired me a lot.It portrayed the life of disabled people and how being disabled they have been living their life happily.Friends, this life is beautiful,make the most of it and learn to enjoy yourselves.


Have you ever met God?

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In simple words,parents are the human replica of God. We love god,pray god,respect god. Although we live 24*7 with the living god yet we believe in idol workship. Then why are we neglecting them?Here I am presenting you a true evidence.

One year ago one of my aunt was admitted in hospital. I saw an old man who went through the some operation. According to my eyeballs,only his grandson came to support him.I inspected where his son,daughter,family are?Are they aware of this operation or trying to act as an alien to it? That old man was having a strange problem,he was escaping from his bed in every few minutes and was moving around every patients room.He came to me too.I got afraid but later I realized that he simply came to  inquire about the condition of my aunt in sign language.I said fine and told him to leave and have rest. But he stayed and showed me a mobile number written on his palm.I inquired whom did it belongs to and he signalled towards himself.Then he smiled like an angel and went away. People might get frightened and consider him mentally weak but there was something more important  which was required to be looked upon.

Suddenly the question which was moving to and fro in my mind ,racking my grey cells came to a halt. I thought whether his mental condition a reason why his children remained aloof from him? Oh God! Have some mercy! I thought when his children were in their bud stage like a flower’s it was their parents who acted like a watering can and provided them with a sense to understand the world.This world would have abandoned them but as I have mentioned before they are the ‘LIVING GODS’ and living gods can never be merciless upto this extent.So he gifted a language to his son which gave him the power to solve all the mysteries of life.

And when today their children have acquired the senses to understand this world,they have lost one to understand their father. Today he is at that stage where he requires affection,support from his family.But that sense of love is still there. But just look at  the contrast-His son gained all senses but lost one of love and the most important sense which his son lost still survives inside that old man. A man may lose his life ,sense to perceive and analyse the world but that lovely sense of affection can never be destroyed or taken away.So friends,please do take care of your parents as they have been doing the same.


 When I was 3 years old I asked my mother in my immature voice,” Mumma why I have been brought up in this world?” She laughed and then replied in a sweet tone, ”Because I needed you.” I smiled back and ran away to play with my friends. I wish I could write about a mother but there is no such language in which I can express what a mother is.Every child has a special lady in his/her life and that’s his/her mother.

       A mother is an epitome of love. You might pray to God for something many times and sometimes you don’t get it but just ask her once and wait for the outcome. If you will ask her for a little she will give you plenty in return. She gets the opportunity to live her childhood second time through her child.She grows again with the same pace her child grows. We never need to expect anything from her because she is a mother and she knows what we want or what we need. Sometimes we might not understand ourselves better but she knows about her child more than ourselves. She can play the character of a friend,a sister,even a father to her child. At times,she knows how to adjust with your style and thoughts. For a mother, her child acts as a mirror to her.

She is someone who can develop confidence in you.She makes our life easier.When we grow up we think that we are tending towards her level of maturity but in her heart we remain as a kid forever.She moulds a boy and a girl into a man and a woman respectively.She does that because she wants them to grow in life and bring out something meaningful out of it.And that is the most difficult work which only a mother can do. She taught us how to walk in our childhood.If we fall because of any hurdle in our life then we will that same lady standing beside us ready to lift us and teach us the mantra of walking once again.She is the best critic and the best teacher.

 Now I know why she needs me in her life.Because I am the cause of that smile on her face.Few years back she use to smile because of my sweet,immature voice,innocence.And today also she smiles with that same sweetness and amazement.She never fears of anything in life but only fears about her child.She makes our life happier.She is our angel.Now I am falling short of words.Happy Mothers’ Day:)

My Lost Friend..’My Teddy’

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            We say that friends are meant to be forever.Their relationship is based on the trust between the two.Love and belongingness between the two acts like a rope which binds them together.I have many friends.I never made them but destiny brought them into my life.Fortunately,this year I rediscovered my lost friend my ‘TEDDY’.Let me tell you how it happened.

My brother bought me a present when he visited us few months ago.I thought it would be a dress or something but I was stupefied when I found that it was a teddy bear.Suddenly a realization dawned upon me that I have been a black sheep.Then I slept with that deep thought teddy beside me.Next morning when I opened my eyes a glance at that teddy took me in the past.Then I woke up quickly and opened my almirah where I have been keeping all my teddies.As I opened it,their innocence and cherub face made me think that I have been behaving like a moster who has been keeping them in a dungeon.

They are not only silent listeners but also silent speakers.It is because when we develop rapport with them we automatically start getting answers from them.I remember when I was 4 years old my parents bought me a teddy and I use to carry it everytime.After few days it became dirty and I played with it to such an extent that it lost its eyes.It made my mother angry and she threw it away.I was in constant pensive sadness for two days.I cried in separation from it.Next day my parents bought me a same teddy and were happy to see the smile back on my face.

Look at the contrast in my nature I thought.I don’t know where I was busy that I neglected my oldest friends.I know I might have created a picture of humans in their mind as selfish and practical creatures.I buried the hatchet and got my lost friend back.Now I share a part of my joys and sorrows with it.I share my thoughts with teddy because I know someone is listening to it.It teaches me to keep my cool in every situation and creates positive ambience around me.I have many human friends but it has been an exciting experience to have special friend like Teddy.It is an unconditional friendship.It carries various shades of love,cuteness,happiness.Atleast I don’t need to keep any expectations from Teddy.I never hesitate in crying in front of it because I cry in front of those only who have the power to read my tears.The best part of it is that it has never been a cause of my sorrows.Humans might change with time but Teddy remains the same.I am glad that I have found TEDDY and found myself too.:-)

Holi in India

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       Holi is one of the most colourful festivals of India.It is being celebrated in the month of Phagun (March).On Holi we celebrate the victory of good over evil.This is the reason we burn Holika.It is not only a festival of colours but a celebration of being together.It welcomes summer season and bid farewell to winters.Beginning of Summer is a sign of joy.It is also a festival of love as once Lord Krishna drenched his beloved Radha in colours of love. Holi is also a festival of sinfully delicious gujias,crispy papads,mouth-watering sweets,etc.Holi loses its significance without them.If you are on a diet plan then better give up.

On the 8th March’s early morning ,one of my friend’s call woke me up.I replied in a sleepy yet frenzy tone.Then I got up rapidly realizing it was holi.As I took a glance at the mirror of my room, I was flabbergasted.It was reflecting the image of one of an African tribe.Oh Man!it was me!As I stepped out of my room i found my mom,brother,each and everyone painted in that same look.Suddenly,all of us grew into laughter.I noticed a smirk on my brother’s dimpled face which made me visualise the whole scene.

Then I prepared myself with all the holi weapons like water guns(pichkaris),colours,water balloons.As some of my cousins arrived,we all went on the terrace to play it at a bigger level.Even I am a timid player.I prefer to face or escape attacks rather than launching attack on others.But it is a bliss to drench yourself in colors of your loved ones.We spotted each one sequentially and turned them into zombie(because you fail to recognize even yourself in that look).Holi is such a festival which pumps life into us.Each and everyone is like an empty canvas whom we paint in various shades.You don’t need to be a perfect painter but you only need to have feelings.Just let that ‘child like excitement’ in you come out and let loose on others.

Everywhere you will find the crowd filled with exuberant spirits.Holi is such a festival in which people from different parts of the world come together at one place and celebrate being together.It is a festival of fun and frolic.It has such a huge impact on everyone that even you will find nature celebrating it in its own mysterious way.


Happy Republic Day

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What the term ‘Republic’ exactly means to you? In bird’s eye view  ‘REPUBLIC’ means ‘A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them’.Our country ‘INDIA’ was being declared republic on 26 January 1950.It was all made possible after India became independent of Britishers’ rule on 15 August,1947 by the audacious efforts of our martyrs,leaders.Today,that is on 26 January 2012 we are celebrating her 63rd  Republic Day.She is as old as my Grandma would have been,unfortunately she is no more.Republic Day is just like one of the festivals of India.But the most beautiful thing about this festival is that it is being celebrated by all the states of India.It is not a festival of Hindus or Muslims but the festival of Indians.We celebrate this day in the name of those martyrs who left no stone unturned in gifting us with a carefree life.

Most of us love to watch the parade and REPUBLIC DAY programmes on television.Wherever you go you will find every street,shop,house is being decorated with Indian flags.In every school you will find  teachers and children celebrating this historic day in full spirits.On every Republic Day an incredible show of main parade is being organized at Rajpath in our national capital New Delhi.The President of India hosts the Indian flag which is being followed by Parade and the splendid display of versatile culture of India.This is the day when we salute to our Amar Jawan and thank them for this life.We owe this day to them.We all opt for a job which fulfills our basic requirement.All of us dream of money,cars,bungalows but the Army officers take the job to serve India and protect us from any kind of attacks.

Besides them we must also take such cumbersome responsibility and work in the direction of development.We critize our politicians and their systems but how many of us have our voter id card after being 18.We should not left their selection on the mercy of other people’s vote.We ourselves relish being a mere puppet in the hands of buffoons,as we call them.The time is where a child learns to utter the 9 lettered word ‘terrorism’ first before the single lettered alphabets.Today most of us are so much occupied by our own requirements and thoughts that we hardly give heed to our country.Only 26 January and 15 August are not sufficient to serve our country.

We must work together by perfectly blending our Education and Wisdom as it will definitely produce positive outcome.Spread awareness about the animals and birds being getting extinct.Save the fertile land and trees which are being destroyed in the name of business or money.Help poor and needy, children in orphanages and gift a part of your education to those who are still untouched by the light of education.We all our aware of the new heights where India has reached.India has produced great scholars,poets,ministers,astronauts,entrepreneurs,engineers,actors and so many.Let us shape our India into the ‘India’ our martyrs dreamt of.

Through the window..

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I have boarded the train many times but on my recent trip to Bombay I felt different.As my train arrived I waved goodbye to my family and adjusted my luggage.I took a deep breath and sipped hot coffee to bring in me the cozy feeling which every traveller longs for.After sometime I developed into a conversation with a guy sitting on the opposite berth of mine.We kept the ball rolling for sometime after that I absorbed myself in the outside world as I started looking through the window.

If anybody thinks that India is not green I want them to board the train and take a look at this endless scenic beauty.As the train passed through a village green pastures,fields,farms could be seen.One could see various cultures of India.Their apparel and features spoke about their origin.I saw a group of kids who were running after the kites flying high in the sky.It reminded me how people have to migrate from their villages to the cities just to bring home the bacon.The sporadic rise in the price of basic commodities have forced them to earn and survive in the city full of temptations.These people are short of money and resources but they have learnt to live content life.They have family to survive with.They breathe non-polluted air which we don’t.Their main occupation is agriculture.But they live constantly under dark clouds of superstition and illiteracy.They are abide by the nature and its beauty.The children playing on the swings made on the trees were the delight of all.Even the birds and animals love to reside in the villages.The purity of river is preserved in the villages whereas in cities it is being treated like a dumping ground.

As I reached Madhya Pradesh it started raining.The rain droplets splashed on the window glass.I could not feel the rain but somehow I could sense it.I hardly had such opportunity before to feel the rain through a window.I was thoroughly enjoying myself.Although I was untouched by the rain yet it touched my heart.Children were splashing water and gyrating around the roads.Some were throwing off their umbrella to free rain from facing any hurdle in reaching them.Some were sipping hot coffee to enjoy the various moods of nature.It was like striking different chords on piano keys.I saw people enjoying sinfully delicious and mellow idli-wadas.Those who were drenched were on cloud 9 as this was the best way to enjoy the rain.They felt blessed.Some were humming songs as rain’s sound was providing them with the perfect beats in support.I felt like going out to enjoy myself in the rain.As the rain stopped it left small droplets on my window glass.Similarly, it blotted people’s mind which was being reflected in their smile.Rain truly makes us alive.As I reached south I found endless queue of coconut trees welcoming me with their serene look.Then I entered into a conversation with few people and waited for my destination.