For Your EYES Only..

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am two little eyes or may be a little larger.I don’t no how exactly i look but as i see many eyes daily i can roughly make out my structure from it. I have not seen myself but have only felt. At one time i feel i am too fragile and another second i feel i am too strong. I dont remember when i was born or when i got my structure. What i remember is that i saw tears in a man’s eyes the moment i was born.Yes,he was my father.That was the first time i witnessed tears hiding in the attire of joy and joy shimmering in the attire of tears. I believe that tears are infectious as the moment i see it in other’s eyes i start feeling its presence in my own.

Everybody thinks that heart is the strongest but its me who often become the victim of the deeds of heart.I have been given the complete independence but sometimes it becomes a curse for me rather than being a boon.As I have to go through so many vicissitudes of life which i could not avoid.Its me who has to bear all the pains. In certain situations when i could not close myself i burst into tears.Like I have seen paper boats sailing in the beautiful rain and i have also seen Titanic sinking in that rain.

Whenever i get time i dream.I dream during the daytime,i dream when i sleep.I don’t remember how many dreams i have actually seen but i cannot forget those which became the purpose of my life.At times i enter into an imaginary world where I find myself making imaginary structures upon stars by joining each one of them.I often paint every picture with the colors of my own no matter what its original color is.

I remember how my parents have shown me an unconditional love and mould be into a better person.In my childhood, i use to wear my mother’s slipper to see whether i could fit into it and now when i am adult i am pining to fit into that fragile slippers again. I miss those delicate years of my life.That carefree life has vanished somewhere.As the days are passing by,i am forced to become stronger.As my awareness was increasing i am prone to more of roughness and atrocities.During my bad times,i have forced my tears to dry even before they have a chance to be formed.

I have been touched by other eyes in which i witnessed true form of love.I found it magical as no other eyes could give me the same feel.I never imagined that love actually exists after i witnessed it in somebody’s eyes.

I have also been a victim of separation and loneliness.I have often been the victim of atrocities of other humans.I have seen people worshipping all the forms of woman.I have also seen the heinous crimes done against them.They have been yearning for respect inside the doors and even outside the doors.

I remember once i was trapped in a traffic,where i could have chosen to look at the long queue but i chose to see a child holding his father tightly while sitting at the backseat of his scooter.So its me who has to choose what is offensive and whats not.I am the one who chooses every picture i see.Perception matters.I don’t know what more lies ahead in my future to see but i know i will strongly pass through it even too.


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