Learn Perfection From a Child

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

In life we often look for motivation and inspiration in our surroundings. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to pick it up when we fall. We look upwards and ask God to show us the way. But the truth is if you want to be the change then you have to accept the change. We often come across such people in our life who changes our life completely. They take us to the horizon which we never even explored before. We witness God in them. Their actions speak about their character. They become our ideal. It is a fact that there are more beautiful people in this world than we actually thought of. We get to learn from them, we get to see so much through them. These people amaze me and make me their fan. They make us a better person. Let me take you to one of my experiences.

 I cherish the relationship i share with my nephew and niece. I get to learn more from them rather than my agemates or adults. When I look at them I realize that God sent me on earth thinking that I’l not change but look how ugly I have become. I hate myself when i compare myself with them. We think we grew mature with age but I think I sounded more sensible when I was a child. I know I hav not been so bad but I made myself rough to fight against the world. But children face problems at their level too. Then why do we only choose the path of roughness? Well, this is the cycle through which all of us have to go through. I know one day when they will grow up, the same realization will dawn upon them. They will go through all those things through which I have been through. We all learn from our own mistakes. After few years, they will have their own world and I’l be trying to be a superwoman in my own world. But I’l try my best not to let that age gap come in our relationship and maintain that warmth between us.I don’t want the time to fade our relationship which we share now.

Kindergarten was colorful, life is still colorful for me but we only have started liking black and white. Children love colors naturally, but now I love them more because I have started understanding  them. May be that sounds selfish on my part, we don’t love anything for a reason. They have been like a little sister and brother to me. When I spend time with them I witness love,life,joy,emotions in them. I feel life is a celebration with them. When I meet them they are always filled with a lot of energy but when I meet most of the adults I find them ranting,crying or holding grudges against someone. I find children are creative and I have an insatiable love for creativity hence, I enjoy myself completely with them. I relish all sorts of games with them whether it was hide and seek,ice-water,pakdam-pakdai. C’mon I am still fit and full of energy. They are beautiful,sincere,disciplined yet naughty,crazy. In short I find them perfect. I never find them losing out their temper. They do good to others without expecting anything in return no matter how the other person treats them. There is a different feeling in giving. Sharing is something which most of us forget as we grow up. We consider gifts are materialistic but they understand that it is a token of love.

I know I am a free bird like them but its me who has trapped myself in my own beliefs. I believe learning is a lifelong process and we must learn from them. If you notice, children treat everyone as their friends. Actually,Friendship is the key to all our relationships. These children are filled with all those values which we all aspire to find in a human. They are perfect blend of all the positive human traits. I realized that one should never lose a crazy child inside them which helps them in attaining perfection. Be crazy.


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