Rhythm Divine

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

How do we actually recognize that we are alive? Whats that you constantly feel? Its the “lub dub” sound of our heartbeat which keeps us moving. Yes, we all have a boombox. We all have a rhythm inside us. There is one thing that connects us to everything in the world and that’s the rhythm. It is something which makes us feel our presence. Starting the day with the music of alarm on your clock blend with the chirping sound of birds to ending the day with the echo of dreams in our head, music is omnipresent. Our life gyrates around the rhythm. How beautifully even a silence unfolds a rhythm in it. We hear the sound, we feel the sound, we see the sound, the sound which only our heart understands. I wonder how the different musical instruments give birth to different beats. Music contains uniqueness in itself. We all have a corner for the music. We all have an intimacy with the music. Music connects us to different parts of the world, different culture, different stories. Music contains variation. Music reveals a hidden beauty in everything.
Everyday we come across varieties of rhythm. The rhythm of laughter, the rhythm of tears in our eyes, the rhythm of a satisfaction in our breath, the rhythm of love in our increasing heartbeat, the rhythm of anger in our rising body temperature. We all choose a music to connect to ourselves. It is that very music which we don’t share with anyone because it connects us to our own thoughts, our own soul, our own feelings. We all look for our own story in those beats. We find a companion in the music. Not only we all are listeners but also a composer. We all compose our own beats through our hard work in life. Some sounds good while some sounds bad. But we never quit and keep trying until we compose the beats of our dreams.
There is a rhythm of purity in family, there is a rhythm of togetherness in friendship, there is a rhythm of belongingness in love. The beats of raindrops, sailing of paperboats, rhythm of an untold story in a painting. Even there is a rhythm when we fall, it’s the rhythm of our courage which pushes us to get up to run again. There is a rhythm in pendulum of time. There is a rhythm of hope which never let us give up in life. There is a beat of possibility which let us dream. There is a beat of pain too which indirectly purifies us. There is a rhythm in everything we breathe. And its that very rhythm which propels us to move forward in life no matter what hurdles we may have to encounter. In short,its rhythm divine.


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