An Acquaintance With A Child

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have written about my friendship with a teddy bear in my past post. But this time I embarked on another adventure of friendship where i made an acquaintance with a child of about 2 years old. Let us see how it happened.

In my summers, I went to Bengaluru at my brother’s place. In the evening, my mother and I use to stroll through a park to breathe in the magical breeze of the city. At one end of the park, i could find a group of boys of about 14 practicing martial arts. They were the delight to watch. Although they were two separate teams yet each one uplifted each other’s enthusiasm. Through my ears I could sense the fainting sound of Kannada hymns being sung by a group of old women. I could hardly understand its lyrics but i found them soothing to ears. A group of young champs were exploring the loud music, one of them was wearing the attitude of MJ. At one corner of the park I could find an old woman holding her husband’s hand proving to be an epitome of love. I could hear the laughter of a group of old men and a group of kids together. Though they were of two different age groups but I found the intensity of laughter was equal. On finding myself helpless to control that gamesome spirit in me I got up to try my hands on frisbee.

As I was letting loose a kid in me a child of two grabbed my eyeballs. His cherub-face, toothless smile and cuteness compelled me to go near him. On seeing me he smiled and hid behind his grandma. We conversed through smile and laughter. Vow! I have never thought that smile could be such a beautiful medium. Somehow it made me realize that the most precious gift a person can give to another is a smile.Slowly and steadily I developed a rapport with him. Everyday he use to wave me with his hand to let me know that he was there. Everyday I use to wait eagerly for the evening. I felt different in that one hour out of the whole day. I explored ring-a-ring-roses, pakdam-pakdai with him. I wonder as we grow up how many of us actually retain that childlike spirit in us? At times I find myself broken.  We always look for a reason to smile. We let the world control our smile. I wonder why should I let someone influence my smile? At times I have to fight with myself in order to win.Everyday we have been losing that childlike spirit in us. We bind ourselves under the norms of the society. I don’t want to grow up at the sake of losing my humanity and gaining roughness.Instead of getting influenced by others, let us bring smile to others.

At the forefront of the park, i found two children playing badminton together. They made me think how we balance each other in friendship. Someone has rightly stated that the reason why a seesaw was made for two people is that when you go down, other lifts you up again.

We use to enjoy together thoroughly. It was an unconditional friendship where age, language, cast and money was not a factor. Nowadays most of the people make friends with a reason. That child use to make me alive for few hours. I use to get filled with oomph, fun and frolic. I found it was much better to make an acquaintance with a child than a person of my age. We did not use any language but with the special powers which vested only in a child, he use to understand me. We had no expectations. Whenever I was with him, my childhood days moved to and fro in my mind. Neither I can go back in the time nor this world will let me keep my composure but still I can try to relive that childlike spirit at present too. Life is too short to be small. If we will smile and do the things, life becomes easier. I realized how even a child of two can teach me life and help me in keeping myself and others happy.I really miss you my little friend:)

  1. abhishekuh says:

    Interesting experience. Stupendously articulated.

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