The best man of my life..

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

When i opened my eyes for the first time i was introduced to a man who lifted me up in his arms with excitement and was choked with emotions. I know that he considered me the best gift of his life but as i started sensing the world i realized that he is the best man gifted to me by God. He is none other than but my father. I don’t call him a human form of God because God may be merciless or selfish sometimes but he is unique and selfless. If a mother is a critic then he is the one who keeps us in blind faith just to hide the roughness of the world from us. He treats his daughter like a princess so that a daughter may feel that this whole world is a castle where only beautiful people live. He is the one who introduced me to all the beautiful things in life. He is my best friend. He is a perfect blend of beauty and love.

He is the one who clad himself in the form of Santa just to prove his daughter’s belief true that Santa do exists in reality. He is the one who bought me air balloons and kites whenever i dreamt of flying in the sky. He is the one who promised me of the best prince in the world who will treat me like a princess as he has been doing so far. He is the one who can stand in the sun to push the swing  100 times just to make her daughter smile. He is the one who bursts into laughter with her daughter just to encourage her to laugh a little longer.

He is the one who saves us from our mother whenever she goes on fire. He did not like the fuss and avoids unnecessary discussion. He makes our life easier as he teaches us to concentrate on the most significant thing of life.  Sometimes just to fulfill our materialistic desire of a favorite dress or a teddy bear he spends a major part of his earnings on it. But you will never find him complaining as for him his daughter’s smile matter more than the money. Later i got to know that he worked a little longer than his normal working hours just to fulfill our materialistic desires. Sometimes we need to cry for help but he reads our pain in our eyes. If i have asked him for a doll he bought me two dolls in return.

I know i could never give the same love to my children which he gave to me.He made me realize that this life is worth living for. I might have done something meaningful in my previous life that is why i deserved him. If others taught me how to walk he is the one who lifted me up in his arms to save my feet from bearing the pain of walking. I owe to him whatever positive qualities i have in me. He taught me love, kindness, care, humor. I know if the time comes when the whole world may go against me i will always find him on my side no matter whether i am guilty or not. I am amazed at such a beautiful form of a man. He is the most beautiful person in the whole world. I believe that the best relationship in the world is of a daughter and a father. I know no other person could match the rapport i share with my father whether that person is my mother, brother, sister or my future husband. I believe people marry to fulfill their humane desires but i don’t need a man in my life just to fulfill my materialistic desires. I wrote this write up not as a writer but as any daughter would write for her father. It is just an abstract of what i feel for my him because if i will go on writing about him then the whole universe would get filled with the words of appreciation for him. Happy Fathers’ Day.


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