Break Free

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

     Sometimes we are compelled to be a spectator of a tug-of-war between our own mind and our soul.Why sometimes giving a smile to someone seems to be an herculean task for us?We make many decisions in influence of many eyeballs staring at us while we ignore ours.I do not understand why we clad ourselves in the form of others?I do not understand how we keep lying to us in order to be true to others.

      We have been blessed with a beautiful nature.Do not suffocate yourself in the room of loneliness.Run and hold the hand of a person you love to stay with.Break open  the doors of your hesitation.Life would lose its significance if we will start living it alone.Even the birds fly in a group then being human could not we afford to live together?Learn to live life instead of  merely existing in life.Learn to live and express.Learn to explore your inner being.If you know how to laugh then sometimes try how to cry and feel both the parts of life.If you are in love,make sure that you let that person know how beautifully he has captured the special place of your heart.Love is an incredible feeling of belongingness.Let him know that if there is roughness in the world then there is love too which has the capacity to perform the miracle of binding two people together.Do not leave any stone unturned in making him yours.

     In life we stop ourselves many times.Why we give up many times in life instead of fighting like a Trojan.Some people are too parsimonious to lend few hours to their loved ones.Life would be happier if you will learn to share it with others.A situation comes in your life when you realize the importance  of a person and you want him to stay in life.Do not be disheartened.Take the guts to scream and shout when you want to.Break the habit of concealing your feelings.If you believe in sunrise,start believing in sunset too.If the mellifluous songs of birds gives the message of a sunrise in the form of new awakening then the sunset comes along with a darkness which helps us in realizing our mistakes and leaves a hope for tomorrow.When you expect something from life start giving it first.Life gives you back whatever you give to life.There lives a friend inside each one of us in the form of our mind.Make your “Mind” your best friend and your life would become easier.


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