Unsaid.. Unexpressed..

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

I cannot count on my fingers how many people I have met in my life.Many might have made acquaintance with me when I was born.Many might have contributed in teaching me to walk.But seriously how many of them we remember in our life? And many people are there to whom I was related before I entered into this world like my parents,my brother and many more.Many might have sung lullaby to me and explored their experience to bring out some stories out of it.Stories which could pacify my curiosity about the unknown human world.My childhood innocence and my cuteness might have brought smile on many faces.

As I have grown up all those people might feel that I am not that same girl as the communication gap has developed between us.Sometimes they might feel that I don’t care for them anymore and I have forgotten the time we have spend together.They might feel that now I no longer bring smile on their faces in the same manner as I use to do.Like my mother keeps complaining me that why I have grown up and clad myself in the colors of maturity and why I keep correcting her wherever she is wrong?She says she still longs for that child who was untouched by the human world and who kept interrupting her by the innocent questions about the mysterious world.

As I entered into the beautiful world of school my network of friends widened.Some of my closest friends are still with me while some of them are busy in shaping their life at some corner of this world.But the memory of the golden times of school are still fresh in the heart of each one of us.I believe like a computer, humans also have cache memory in their brain where he/she keeps his closest one alive.But all those whom he/she met in life still lives in his/her RAM.I was boarding the train to cover yet another journey of my life i.e.journey of school. This is the place where I learnt all kind of emotions whether it was love,humor,joy,hatred,fight,sorrow.How can one forget those kindergarten games,innocent chit-chats,chocolates and flowers.Those were the chocolaty days of my life.I was so much accustomed to the kind of love I got here that after passing out from school I commit mistake by trusting people easily.But somehow it made me realize that the same kind of love is hard to find.Life was so easy and it felt like a family.Wherever I went,whatever I touched I developed a kind of relationship with that place whether it were classes where we studied,garden,swings,trees,flowers or teachers and friends.I realized the depth of the 7 lettered word “FRIENDS” here.Sharing few laughter with friends on swings,playing pranks on each other,eating at canteen,birthday treats,icecream fights.All these memories still move to and fro in my mind.Since all of us are the witness of these memories,it binds us in our memories too.

Now I have moved to college.It has become little bit difficult to trust people here.But still you can find beautiful people around.I have collected many flowers from here and they live in the garden of mine.My garden is the place where I have kept all my favourite and closest people.I call them flowers because their hearts are beautiful like flowers.And I will keep them here only till the last day of my life.And there are few people whom I remember them only because of two reasons-They hate me or I hate them.Painstakingly I remember each one of them.

Life is like a train.As we board the train of life we move from one destination to another.While boarding the journey we meet new people on every destination.Some of them become so close to us that we board the journey together.Only I will remain constant in this journey,companions keep changing.But I know that I have to complete this journey alone.I do not know how many people will remain with me till the end of this journey but they will always remain with me in my memory.Some people might have met me in the beginning of my journey,Some might have met me recently while some will meet me in the future.They might judge me according to their situation but I will always remain the same for each one of them.I do not know how many people remember me like I remember them.I do not know whether I exist in the garden of those people too who are in my garden.Still I love them.I do not know how many friends and enemies I will earn in future but I am eagerly waiting for them.

  1. Sonal Chawla says:

    You write amazing blogs… Someone was soo right… you are an amazing writer 🙂

  2. Ajeet Singh says:

    i am proud of you this article really connecting to the soul of reader and writer …i must appreciate the good use of words to express your true feelings :))))))))))))

  3. kritika27 says:

    @Ajeet sir-Thank you sir for your words of appreciation 🙂

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