Why I Love Blogging..

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t know since when I started having taste for blogging but I was in need of someone since long time.Someone who can act as a mirror to me and answer all my questions through some signs.I was in need of a silent listener who must have the patience to listen to every kind of feelings a human has.I use to think whether  there is any perfect means of communication in this world through which I can talk to  myself?But one of my friend told me that yes, i can talk to myself and get a response in return too.All this is possible through writing.

I may be untrue or dual to people at times.But I never pretend or lie while writing.It is because none of us are good in articulation but while writing we transform the feelings of our heart into the form of words.Nowadays almost every translation is possible but this is the most difficult translation I have ever experienced in my life.But slowly and steadily my heart and my thoughts have started developing the rapport with each other.I think one of the best ways to connect to God is through writing because I know that he is listening to me.I think that God has created beautiful world.If i feel like smiling when it rains then why I shouldn’t write about it. If a river looks like a painting or it shines like a gold in sunlight then why I shouldn’t share it with you.If I get smitten by love or when I am high on bubbly,happy or sad then I must write on it.Love is the most beautiful feeling.It is the basic fuel which propels the functioning of this human world. Yes,there is lot of roughness too but whenever I experience something beautiful or when something stupefies me i love to write about it.It all depends on the perception.You have to find it.

Through this blog I communicate with my self.And whenever I talk to myself,words come out naturally.God has given us beautiful life.Why we always look for a reason in order to smile?Just go out for vacations at some beautiful place like beaches,etc.Most of the time we cry for the materialistic things.One of the episode of SATYAMEVA JAYATE inspired me a lot.It portrayed the life of disabled people and how being disabled they have been living their life happily.Friends, this life is beautiful,make the most of it and learn to enjoy yourselves.

  1. navneet says:

    Simply Good…..!!

  2. shivam says:

    Very well written kritika…and i think now your words are inspiring me to write….cheers!!!!

  3. kritika27 says:

    @navneet-thank you:)
    @shivam-thank you.Oh great, then you must start writing..:)

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