Have you ever met God?

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

In simple words,parents are the human replica of God. We love god,pray god,respect god. Although we live 24*7 with the living god yet we believe in idol workship. Then why are we neglecting them?Here I am presenting you a true evidence.

One year ago one of my aunt was admitted in hospital. I saw an old man who went through the some operation. According to my eyeballs,only his grandson came to support him.I inspected where his son,daughter,family are?Are they aware of this operation or trying to act as an alien to it? That old man was having a strange problem,he was escaping from his bed in every few minutes and was moving around every patients room.He came to me too.I got afraid but later I realized that he simply came to  inquire about the condition of my aunt in sign language.I said fine and told him to leave and have rest. But he stayed and showed me a mobile number written on his palm.I inquired whom did it belongs to and he signalled towards himself.Then he smiled like an angel and went away. People might get frightened and consider him mentally weak but there was something more important  which was required to be looked upon.

Suddenly the question which was moving to and fro in my mind ,racking my grey cells came to a halt. I thought whether his mental condition a reason why his children remained aloof from him? Oh God! Have some mercy! I thought when his children were in their bud stage like a flower’s it was their parents who acted like a watering can and provided them with a sense to understand the world.This world would have abandoned them but as I have mentioned before they are the ‘LIVING GODS’ and living gods can never be merciless upto this extent.So he gifted a language to his son which gave him the power to solve all the mysteries of life.

And when today their children have acquired the senses to understand this world,they have lost one to understand their father. Today he is at that stage where he requires affection,support from his family.But that sense of love is still there. But just look at  the contrast-His son gained all senses but lost one of love and the most important sense which his son lost still survives inside that old man. A man may lose his life ,sense to perceive and analyse the world but that lovely sense of affection can never be destroyed or taken away.So friends,please do take care of your parents as they have been doing the same.


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