A lady behind each one of us..our Mother

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized


 When I was 3 years old I asked my mother in my immature voice,” Mumma why I have been brought up in this world?” She laughed and then replied in a sweet tone, ”Because I needed you.” I smiled back and ran away to play with my friends. I wish I could write about a mother but there is no such language in which I can express what a mother is.Every child has a special lady in his/her life and that’s his/her mother.

       A mother is an epitome of love. You might pray to God for something many times and sometimes you don’t get it but just ask her once and wait for the outcome. If you will ask her for a little she will give you plenty in return. She gets the opportunity to live her childhood second time through her child.She grows again with the same pace her child grows. We never need to expect anything from her because she is a mother and she knows what we want or what we need. Sometimes we might not understand ourselves better but she knows about her child more than ourselves. She can play the character of a friend,a sister,even a father to her child. At times,she knows how to adjust with your style and thoughts. For a mother, her child acts as a mirror to her.

She is someone who can develop confidence in you.She makes our life easier.When we grow up we think that we are tending towards her level of maturity but in her heart we remain as a kid forever.She moulds a boy and a girl into a man and a woman respectively.She does that because she wants them to grow in life and bring out something meaningful out of it.And that is the most difficult work which only a mother can do. She taught us how to walk in our childhood.If we fall because of any hurdle in our life then we will that same lady standing beside us ready to lift us and teach us the mantra of walking once again.She is the best critic and the best teacher.

 Now I know why she needs me in her life.Because I am the cause of that smile on her face.Few years back she use to smile because of my sweet,immature voice,innocence.And today also she smiles with that same sweetness and amazement.She never fears of anything in life but only fears about her child.She makes our life happier.She is our angel.Now I am falling short of words.Happy Mothers’ Day:)

  1. abhishekuh says:

    well articulated message..

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