My Lost Friend..’My Teddy’

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

            We say that friends are meant to be forever.Their relationship is based on the trust between the two.Love and belongingness between the two acts like a rope which binds them together.I have many friends.I never made them but destiny brought them into my life.Fortunately,this year I rediscovered my lost friend my ‘TEDDY’.Let me tell you how it happened.

My brother bought me a present when he visited us few months ago.I thought it would be a dress or something but I was stupefied when I found that it was a teddy bear.Suddenly a realization dawned upon me that I have been a black sheep.Then I slept with that deep thought teddy beside me.Next morning when I opened my eyes a glance at that teddy took me in the past.Then I woke up quickly and opened my almirah where I have been keeping all my teddies.As I opened it,their innocence and cherub face made me think that I have been behaving like a moster who has been keeping them in a dungeon.

They are not only silent listeners but also silent speakers.It is because when we develop rapport with them we automatically start getting answers from them.I remember when I was 4 years old my parents bought me a teddy and I use to carry it everytime.After few days it became dirty and I played with it to such an extent that it lost its eyes.It made my mother angry and she threw it away.I was in constant pensive sadness for two days.I cried in separation from it.Next day my parents bought me a same teddy and were happy to see the smile back on my face.

Look at the contrast in my nature I thought.I don’t know where I was busy that I neglected my oldest friends.I know I might have created a picture of humans in their mind as selfish and practical creatures.I buried the hatchet and got my lost friend back.Now I share a part of my joys and sorrows with it.I share my thoughts with teddy because I know someone is listening to it.It teaches me to keep my cool in every situation and creates positive ambience around me.I have many human friends but it has been an exciting experience to have special friend like Teddy.It is an unconditional friendship.It carries various shades of love,cuteness,happiness.Atleast I don’t need to keep any expectations from Teddy.I never hesitate in crying in front of it because I cry in front of those only who have the power to read my tears.The best part of it is that it has never been a cause of my sorrows.Humans might change with time but Teddy remains the same.I am glad that I have found TEDDY and found myself too.:-)


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