Holi in India

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

       Holi is one of the most colourful festivals of India.It is being celebrated in the month of Phagun (March).On Holi we celebrate the victory of good over evil.This is the reason we burn Holika.It is not only a festival of colours but a celebration of being together.It welcomes summer season and bid farewell to winters.Beginning of Summer is a sign of joy.It is also a festival of love as once Lord Krishna drenched his beloved Radha in colours of love. Holi is also a festival of sinfully delicious gujias,crispy papads,mouth-watering sweets,etc.Holi loses its significance without them.If you are on a diet plan then better give up.

On the 8th March’s early morning ,one of my friend’s call woke me up.I replied in a sleepy yet frenzy tone.Then I got up rapidly realizing it was holi.As I took a glance at the mirror of my room, I was flabbergasted.It was reflecting the image of one of an African tribe.Oh Man!it was me!As I stepped out of my room i found my mom,brother,each and everyone painted in that same look.Suddenly,all of us grew into laughter.I noticed a smirk on my brother’s dimpled face which made me visualise the whole scene.

Then I prepared myself with all the holi weapons like water guns(pichkaris),colours,water balloons.As some of my cousins arrived,we all went on the terrace to play it at a bigger level.Even I am a timid player.I prefer to face or escape attacks rather than launching attack on others.But it is a bliss to drench yourself in colors of your loved ones.We spotted each one sequentially and turned them into zombie(because you fail to recognize even yourself in that look).Holi is such a festival which pumps life into us.Each and everyone is like an empty canvas whom we paint in various shades.You don’t need to be a perfect painter but you only need to have feelings.Just let that ‘child like excitement’ in you come out and let loose on others.

Everywhere you will find the crowd filled with exuberant spirits.Holi is such a festival in which people from different parts of the world come together at one place and celebrate being together.It is a festival of fun and frolic.It has such a huge impact on everyone that even you will find nature celebrating it in its own mysterious way.



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