Happy Republic Day

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

What the term ‘Republic’ exactly means to you? In bird’s eye view  ‘REPUBLIC’ means ‘A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them’.Our country ‘INDIA’ was being declared republic on 26 January 1950.It was all made possible after India became independent of Britishers’ rule on 15 August,1947 by the audacious efforts of our martyrs,leaders.Today,that is on 26 January 2012 we are celebrating her 63rd  Republic Day.She is as old as my Grandma would have been,unfortunately she is no more.Republic Day is just like one of the festivals of India.But the most beautiful thing about this festival is that it is being celebrated by all the states of India.It is not a festival of Hindus or Muslims but the festival of Indians.We celebrate this day in the name of those martyrs who left no stone unturned in gifting us with a carefree life.

Most of us love to watch the parade and REPUBLIC DAY programmes on television.Wherever you go you will find every street,shop,house is being decorated with Indian flags.In every school you will find  teachers and children celebrating this historic day in full spirits.On every Republic Day an incredible show of main parade is being organized at Rajpath in our national capital New Delhi.The President of India hosts the Indian flag which is being followed by Parade and the splendid display of versatile culture of India.This is the day when we salute to our Amar Jawan and thank them for this life.We owe this day to them.We all opt for a job which fulfills our basic requirement.All of us dream of money,cars,bungalows but the Army officers take the job to serve India and protect us from any kind of attacks.

Besides them we must also take such cumbersome responsibility and work in the direction of development.We critize our politicians and their systems but how many of us have our voter id card after being 18.We should not left their selection on the mercy of other people’s vote.We ourselves relish being a mere puppet in the hands of buffoons,as we call them.The time is where a child learns to utter the 9 lettered word ‘terrorism’ first before the single lettered alphabets.Today most of us are so much occupied by our own requirements and thoughts that we hardly give heed to our country.Only 26 January and 15 August are not sufficient to serve our country.

We must work together by perfectly blending our Education and Wisdom as it will definitely produce positive outcome.Spread awareness about the animals and birds being getting extinct.Save the fertile land and trees which are being destroyed in the name of business or money.Help poor and needy, children in orphanages and gift a part of your education to those who are still untouched by the light of education.We all our aware of the new heights where India has reached.India has produced great scholars,poets,ministers,astronauts,entrepreneurs,engineers,actors and so many.Let us shape our India into the ‘India’ our martyrs dreamt of.

  1. abhishekuh says:

    Your writing is maturing with the time and the theme you have picked over the time. Precise, in-depth and your writing palpitates an individual to look at the bigger picture in life.

  2. kritika27 says:

    Happy Republic Day and thanks a lot for your words of appreciation:)

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  4. Navneet says:

    It’s a good article , I will follow you from now !!
    Giving you a topic for writing if you like to on DOW sponsorship in 2012 olympic !

  5. kritika27 says:

    Thanks for following.I will try to write on the topic you gave:)

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