Through the window..

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have boarded the train many times but on my recent trip to Bombay I felt different.As my train arrived I waved goodbye to my family and adjusted my luggage.I took a deep breath and sipped hot coffee to bring in me the cozy feeling which every traveller longs for.After sometime I developed into a conversation with a guy sitting on the opposite berth of mine.We kept the ball rolling for sometime after that I absorbed myself in the outside world as I started looking through the window.

If anybody thinks that India is not green I want them to board the train and take a look at this endless scenic beauty.As the train passed through a village green pastures,fields,farms could be seen.One could see various cultures of India.Their apparel and features spoke about their origin.I saw a group of kids who were running after the kites flying high in the sky.It reminded me how people have to migrate from their villages to the cities just to bring home the bacon.The sporadic rise in the price of basic commodities have forced them to earn and survive in the city full of temptations.These people are short of money and resources but they have learnt to live content life.They have family to survive with.They breathe non-polluted air which we don’t.Their main occupation is agriculture.But they live constantly under dark clouds of superstition and illiteracy.They are abide by the nature and its beauty.The children playing on the swings made on the trees were the delight of all.Even the birds and animals love to reside in the villages.The purity of river is preserved in the villages whereas in cities it is being treated like a dumping ground.

As I reached Madhya Pradesh it started raining.The rain droplets splashed on the window glass.I could not feel the rain but somehow I could sense it.I hardly had such opportunity before to feel the rain through a window.I was thoroughly enjoying myself.Although I was untouched by the rain yet it touched my heart.Children were splashing water and gyrating around the roads.Some were throwing off their umbrella to free rain from facing any hurdle in reaching them.Some were sipping hot coffee to enjoy the various moods of nature.It was like striking different chords on piano keys.I saw people enjoying sinfully delicious and mellow idli-wadas.Those who were drenched were on cloud 9 as this was the best way to enjoy the rain.They felt blessed.Some were humming songs as rain’s sound was providing them with the perfect beats in support.I felt like going out to enjoy myself in the rain.As the rain stopped it left small droplets on my window glass.Similarly, it blotted people’s mind which was being reflected in their smile.Rain truly makes us alive.As I reached south I found endless queue of coconut trees welcoming me with their serene look.Then I entered into a conversation with few people and waited for my destination.


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