Fly High on Kites

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last year during the month of july,I went to my terrace at 6 o’clock in the evening.I could feel the scorching heat on my skin.But there was something different I felt in that evening.It was more colourful,beautiful and favourable.The sky was almost saturated  with the kites.It seemed there were more number of kites than clouds in the sky.I felt there was a need of traffic signals in the sky to avoid the traffic and accidents of kites.The buttery-orange sun was departing from the sky in the most generous manner I have ever seen.

I saw most of the young lads and kids of my neighbourhood on their terrace with their own kites.Some were having the competition among their friends group.One of the guy’s kite got stucked on a tree.But his skills and his cool composure unnerved his team mates who lost the hope of winning the game.In the meanwhile my mom brought a pepperoni pizza and diet coke for me.Now that was a perfect add on to my entertainment dose.I got impressed by that guy’s par excellence and the way he controlled over the situation.There are very few people in this world who keep their cool in baffling situations.

Then I noticed that each one flew their kite at some noticeable altitude from earth.They predicted as if they were the pilots of Airbus A380 struggling to provide a safe landing to their passengers.Some kids bought such a long thread as if they want to send their kites to God. Kites were being blended by those champs in various styles.Many environment lovers wrote the messages like ’SAVE ENVIRONMENT’,’GO GREEN’,’ while those who were being smitten with love wrote the name of their beloved on the kites.Many kids highlighted their wishes so much as if they wanted God to see and fulfil them at any cost.They were using kites as a means of communication.How beautiful it was!! Though it had barriers like birds,winds but still in their heart they kept the passion alive and gave new heights to their dreams.

They tried to match the height level of their kites with the level of their dreams.While I was sipping down the coke a girl of about 6 grabbed my eyeballs.She made the kite herself using various chartpapers and glaze papers and had applied stickers of various cartoon characters.There was a park in my neighbourhood,there I saw huge crowd of boys with their kites.Some were still going to buy kites on their bicycle.I have hardly seen such spellbinding show of colourful kites in the sky.

Thinking about your dreams or living up your dreams is something we love to do.We must dream and try to achieve it.Always be full of life only then you can live life.Never give up and learn from others.Give wings to your dreams through KITES.


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