Jingle All The Way

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every year I have been waiting eagerly for the jingle bells, for Santa who comes on his sleigh singing jingle bells and spreading Christmas spirits everywhere.

When I was a kid I saw in some cartoon serial that if we will write our wishes in a letter to Santa and keep it under our pillow on 24th December’s night then Santa comes on the Christmas night and fulfils all our wishes.Following the same I wrote a letter to Santa on 24 December.I kept it under my pillow and slept.Next morning as I woke up I saw few gifts lying on my bed.I started unwrapping all of them in haste and found the same kind of Barbie dolls,dresses,tedy as I mentioned in my letter to Santa.I got stupefied and straight away ran towards my Mom and Dad to share my cumbersome joy.Both of them first smiled looking at each other and then they celebrated with me in the same spirits.Now I realized the reason of their smile as that Santa was my Dad who saw me writing the letter to Santa that night.Someone has truly stated that “Ignorance is bliss.”

Christmas is being celebrated all over the world in a grand way.It is mainly a festival of Christians but it is being celebrated by Hindus,Muslims,etc as well.We decorate Christmas tree with lights,gifts and decorations.We go to church and ask for blessings.Just after the Christmas we have New Year hence Christmas comes blowing the trumpet of double celebration.

Every kid loves that white beard man who brings gifts of joy to everyone.This 5 letter word takes every kid to the dream world.Some people say that on 24 Dec’s night Santa peeps inside everyone’s house to know what people wanted and grant their wishes on 25th.Santa can be called as the messenger of God as he fulfils all our wishes in the same way as God do.I still believe that there is a Santa among us.It may be in the form of human as our parents,friends or in some form of spirit who fulfils our every small wishes every now and then.We can also be a Santa to others by bringing smile on their face.Hope your Santa fulfils all your wishes this Christmas..

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