My Thoughts..My Words..

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

1.I am careless to those whom i dnt need to show that i care beause their hearts knew it and i care for those who always need SIGNS of Trust.

2.When you cant judge yourself even after looking at yourself in mirror number of times, how can you judge Me in few glimpses.

3.Its not that people are conservative,the fact is they cannot separate the memories attached with that tradition.

4.Its TIME which suppresses the child of inside us and adding to it we suppress the human of inside us.

5.Its easy to hide your thoughts from someone but its very difficult to hide your feelings.

6.My Life was in my hands but suddenly you left my hand and it smashed into pieces.

7.Whenever I move forward, i don’t know whetheri i am approaching towards something or leaving behind something.

8.The better part of life is in taking Risk and the best part is when you Succeed.

(More to come..)

  1. Pooja Katyal says:

    nice…looking forward for more to read ur thoughts..your words..!!

  2. kritika27 says:

    Thank you Mam,few days back i just thought of starting a new column My thoughts my words.Here i’l be posting random thoughts of my own:)

  3. abhishek says:

    Good one

  4. deeksha rai says:

    suprb going krits….keep it up…well done!!!!!!!!

  5. kritika27 says:

    thanx bhaiya and deeksha:)

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