Depth of Perseverence..

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

        Whenever I take the pen and page for writing something fresh I feel like I am a photographer whose work is to capture another magnificient image of nature.Take an example of writing and painting,writing is as similar as painting,everytime a painter picturesque his imagination. That innovation comes from his heart. He understands colours root and branch.A writer wears his heart on his sleeve just as a painter.Even if you have not converse with the artist ever,you can understand him very well from his paintings or writings.Many people might disguise themselves but a true artist never hides his true colours from the world.

A  Lover might present his heart to his beloved expecting love in return but an artist gifts his heart expecting only appreciation from his viewers.Paintings and writings are another most beautiful forms of  nature.Artists are not extraordinary since birth but they belong to special categories of human beings who have not masked their imagination to perceive and understand the world as well as express its’ beauty in the way it deserves. Every artist has a theme on which he presents his art.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert it makes no sense.An introvert also expresses his feelings in the same way. A lover becomes ‘Shayar’ not because he suddenly realized his inherent poetic talent but he perceived the beauty which he never saw before.For example,when someone ask you to speak about a person whom you like you give them innumerable details because you love talking about that person but if you are being asked about a person you don’t like then you might fell short of speech.

God has been the most incredible artist who created this beautiful world.An artist is not someone who draws or write something but one who possesses the power to perceive the positives and beauty in everything.A pen or a brush are the medium of one’s expression.They give wings to our imagination.It differs from person to person how one perceives a particular thing.For example,if you are being trapped in a traffic you might notice the cacophony whereas other person might notice a kid sitting behind his father on a bike and holding him in fear of falling down.

When it comes to Art our coutry India has always been the leader.India’s every state has its own art and culture.India has produced various artists.According to me a true artist is one who does not hide his feelings and gives expressions to his thoughts.

  1. Pooja Katyal says:

    read twice…its fabulous… nd i felt d urge to write down my imaginations after reading ur note…u r a wonderful writer as ur words hv d power to soothe the readers mind nd heart…a fresh piece of writing wth beautiful thoughts..well done..!!

  2. kritika27 says:

    Thanks a lot Mam..Ur complements have always encouraged me to explore more of me:)

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