Steve Jobs- an Apple’s ‘i’

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

         It is about 3 months ago I visited a book store in my city Allahabad with my friend Deeksha.I scanned through the titles of the books kept in separate shelves according to their themes like Friction,Indian Writers,etc. Suddenly my eyeballs halted at the book naming “The Steve Jobs way” by Jay Elliot. It was being kept in the new edition column.My knowledge about Steve Jobs was limited upto that he is the owner of ‘Apple’.As I turned over the leaves of the book each word spoke about the passion and determination he had for his work.I was not aware a bit that whose life’s pages I was turning over was about to end very soon.Here I am not going to talk about his life story(you can Google that) but I will give you a lively description about how his life changed each generation’s life.

Steve Jobs full name was ‘Steven Paul Jobs’.He was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco.He was being  adopted by the family of Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs.In 1976, Jobs, Steve Woznaik and Ronald Wayne founded Apple.His passion for the products not only changed the tech world but also changed common man’s passions.For him Music was a manna for the soul.His love for music and a will to carry the music wherever he goes gifted us with ‘ipod’ and ‘itunes’.Its always a bliss losing oneself in the varied music of ipod.Today whenever Jobs come up with new products everyone visit their nearest tech shop to explore the products.The most sensational product he invented was ‘Macintosh’ personal computers.If we are able to use mouse today it is just because he thought an alternative of using the cursor with mouse instead of keyboard.He made iMac G3 especially for the average people.iMac G3 had transparent covering and Jobs was even very much keen about its inner parts’ look and color.

He was dropped out of college after studying about a semester in Reed college,Portland.He even went to India not for a tour but as a Buddhist monk because he wanted to spend his life in a Buddhist temple. He not only created products but also breathed life into each one of them.This is something which makes him extraordinary and stand apart  from the crowd.His innovation and brilliance is ineffable.His sumptuous products have always been user oriented.He was always against the user’s manual.He loved simplicity and convenience which you can feel it in his products.Every successful product propelled him towards more innovation and exploration.

The doors to Apple were being slammed on his face by his colleagues.But this cut no ice.It abeted him to start his journey from the very beginning and he founded NEXT in 1985.On the other hand shares and stocks of Apple plummeted.This proved the importance of Steve Jobs and he returned to Apple after 10 years.His innovative inventions persuaded other entrepreneurs to work in the direction of simplicity.The heavy ,uncosy phones led him to discover sleek,racy,single buttoned,slim,tranquil and light ‘iphones’.He wanted to have a phone which can operate on single button.He realized the capacity and ability of hands.He was always burning with ideas. It  is because of him that today we relish the touch screens ‘ipad’.He left no stone unturned in pacifying our needs.

In August 2011, Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, but remained as chairman of the company’s board.He was suffering from pancreatic cancer.He gave the reins to Tom Crook.He died peacefully on 5 October,2011 at the age of 56.The whole world mourned on losing such a great visionary. “For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him,it’s been an insanely great honour,”said Microsoft’s Bill Gates. These were the words of Jobs- ” Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose”. All I can say is that each one of his products personify his passion,determination,insanity for the products. Although you are physically absent but you will always be inspiring others to think and work like you through your works. We all needed more of you Jobs,may your soul rest in peace.

  1. abhishekuh says:

    Stupendous work!!

  2. Mr. Jobs revolutionized our world greatly. We wouldn’t be where we are today with him. His motto, “Think different,” showed his creativity and explained how we all are different and special in our own way. Mr. Jobs was very special, even though he didn’t graduate from college he achieved GREAT things. We wouldn’t have our IPods, IPads, IPhones, or macbook laptops without Mr. Jobs. Steve has inspired us all to do great things and be ourselves. We don’t have to be the smartest kid or the most talented, all that matters is who we are, how we should BE OURSELF.Steve is a legend. He changed the WORLD.
    Splendid work kritika…

  3. Najmuddin Naqvi says:

    Nice write-up ! 🙂

  4. kritika27 says:

    very true Sagar..thanx:)

  5. Pooja Katyal says:

    Though I was never a gadget freak and has nil knowledge about technology but for the past one year my inclination towards it, is increasing day by day , and its all because u kids keep me abreast about d latest things happening around us. I gotta learn a lot from u kids….
    Steve Jobs will be remembered alwayz..his demise was a shock and will be sorely missed by all…RIP

  6. kritika27 says:

    thanx alot mam..:) Most of the people are becoming tech savvy now

  7. Shivam says:

    I can only say that this world lost an unbeatable legend….

    Again a great work done by you kritika….keep writing..Thumps up!!!

  8. kritika27 says:

    thanx alot Shivam bhaiya:-)

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