Annagiri VS Congress-the heat is on..

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized


Anna Hazare,an ordinary 74 year old man,clad in white with Gandhi topi on his head and spectacles on his old eyes which is still young in its vision.74 is such a tender age in which a common old man needs a special care. It is the age in which a person enjoys the love and affection of his children and grandchildren.But this old man gave rise to such a huge campaign which created almost a turmoil in the whole country.People have never come together in such a large number before.He raised his voice against a common problem like corruption which has made each one of us its victim.Anna gained attention not because he bought people to help him in his campain but he made people realize the powers and ability they possess.Celebrating the independence day and republic day was not enough to serve the nation,he told them that the time has come to do something serious.Everyone possesses the courage and enthusiasm but some masked it while some made it dormant.

Laloo Prasad Yadav lampooned Anna in parliament but rather he should have spend that time in learning something from Anna.During elections these ministers launch campaigns and spend money lavishly which we pay in the form of taxes.They advertise their party and themselves.Some even buy people’s votes and there’s a lot more story which cannot be told here.Whereas Anna neither advertised himself nor did he possess any political party but like a Sun he shined whose rays and warmth reached each one of us.This warmth made us realize our duties and encouraged us to be a part of such a historical movement.Anna stood alone to fulfill our demands expecting nothing in return but people showered him with their support and this is how Anna became cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

Look at the pace of government who kept Anna on 12 days fast to accept his demands.I have never learnt to count,be it on the Abacus or the Calculator ,looks like the government hasn’t changed a bit when it comes to getting work done on time,be it in the past or present.For example,the terrorist Kasab who did not even thought for a second before taking lives of several innocent people in Mumbai’s bomb blast is being treated as a Royal prince because government is still thinking whether to hang him or grant him life imprisonment.It gave pensive sadness to those who lost their husband,wife,children or relatives in that brazen attack of terrorists.It especially hurted those whose husband or relatives sacrificed their lives in saving common people from their claws.

Anna chose the path of non-violence.During this movement everyone wore white caps with slogan written “Mai Anna hoon” .They did not wore it for the pomp and show but whenever they wore it a voice came from their heart which said,”Each one of us have a Anna inside us who possess the zeal and vigour to fight against any wrong done”.Gems of this movement were Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi who extended their constant support towards Anna.They were being criticized by many buffoons but at that time nothing could distract them from their duties.Once again Gandhian principles have proved their worth and once again people are proved to be above all.The still have the power to live their life in the way they want.People felt blessed to be a part of such a movement.Though government accepted Anna’s demands yet they are delaying in passing the jan lokpal draft.Government has again challenged Anna and his team.They think that people are just the mere puppets in the hands of government but they dbid not know that they are underestimating the strength of common people.Due to this Anna has taken the decision to go for a campaign in Lucknow and he will also go for a tour to different cities in india where he will tell the people not to vote for congress party’s candidates.I think government is expecting  another movement by Anna and his team.

Anna’s past itself speaks about his passion to work for his country.Only the number of his age is changing not the strength and will to work in the direction of india’s development.I think very soon we will get to see lot more of Anna as the coal is turning hot.So people get ready with your white caps and candles as very shortly Anna will be needing us:-)




  1. Pooja Katyal says:

    very well written…keep up d gud work..its always pleasure to read ur thoughts..:)

  2. Shivam says:

    Well i am a new reader for your blog….but i must say a very well written or it wud be to better to say in a way like very well portrayed legacy of a legend in a simple way…..

  3. abhishekuh says:

    I like the way you approach the core subject. We all celebrate Independence but don’t know the real meaning.
    How long we will need someone like Gandhi, Anna to come up and shake us from deep sleep to accept the reality of life.

  4. kritika27 says:

    thanx…yes u r very right we should not need anypne to make us realize our powers and strengths

  5. ira upadhyay says:

    really an impressive article….u actually enlighten me wid such deep thoughts…

  6. kritika27 says:

    @shivam bhaiya-thanx alot for giving a part of ur valuable time to my blog:)

  7. Pavan Gupta says:

    Gud piece of writing kritika. Personally m a huge supporter of Shri ANNA HAZARE n his campaign so i would lyk to congratulate on this. Gud Work.

  8. kritika27 says:

    thanku very much sir:)

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