My Date With ‘LIFE’ On The Streets

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Life is what we make out of our pains.This we all know very well.But once I met life in a different way.Lets have a look over it.

It was in the month of july I was in Bengaluru enjoying my vacations.As I got over from my computer classes I started for my home.That day due to some work my brother could not come from his office to drop me at home,so he called and suggested me to hire the auto. As I kept the cellphone in the pocket of my jeans monsoon winds caught my attention.The clouds were dominating over the sky with fast pace which were giving the signs of the arrival of rain.This weather  encouraged my  foot to explore some friction of the ground and so following  the newton’s third law-“TO EVERY ACTION THERE IS EQUAL  AND OPPOSITE REACTION”  my foot went on the roads of bengaluru.

There was a cut-throat competition wherever I looked.The swanky cars,bikes,buses,auto were trying to overtake each other in order to reach their destinations.Some had to go nearby,some had to cover long distances  but each one moved on with such a equal pace and determination that you cannot predict how far they had to go.Whether  it was a man of 35 or a young college girl of 19,age wasn’t a factor.Pedestrians also moved on jostling and pushing eachother  like an athlete.As I halted for the traffic light to go green I thought ,”Do we apply the same principles in our personal and professional life?”

As I crossed the road with the signal turning  green a vegetable vendor caught my attention.He was an old man,lean and thin with the wrinkles on his face giving a look of a curtain covering half part of the window.He greeted each one of his customers with a smile and “Thank you” accompanied by a little nod.He was a poor man who was struggling on the roads of metro city like Bengaluru to meet his daily needs.Suddenly his wife came outside from the shop with some vegetables in her  hand. She gave those to a customer with the same gratitude his husband showed.She had ‘pit’ like dimples which grew dominant whenever she smiled.I called them ‘pit like’ because whenever she smiled while owing her service to her customers  she captured their affection in return inside her dimples.Oh wonder! I thought! I would have missed such moments if I would have taken a auto.

Moving further I halted to rejuvenate myself with a coconut water.I realized that its not only the people who walk on the roads but it’s road which gains life and momentum because of people on it and walk with them. Who says that life cannot be seen on the roads,it can be found at every nook and cranny of it.Then I noticed a park in front of the coconut shop.hhmm .PARK, I thought… A Park  is an epitome of recreation,health,meetings,swings,children’ laughter,love,greenery,purity,serenity,botanical gardens,ponds,lake,etc. They  are being constructed on the roadsides which act as a reminder to the people so that they might take a short pause from their mundane life and enjoy in the bounty of nature with their family or sometimes alone.Inside that park  I saw a man who was making two of his monkeys  dance on the beats of his drum.Slowly they started grabbing eyeballs of many kids,youngsters  and their parents who crowded that area within a short span of time .Everyone uplifted their efforts with the series of applauds and laughter.

Then as I moved further I noticed a lady taking her children back from their school to home,people singing holy songs inside a temple,kids learning to exercise in their school.I noticed a young couple holding each other’s hand.Love is a beautiful feeling,isn’t it?Then I moved on with the speed as it started drizzling.Within few minutes I reached home wearing a smile on my face.I felt blessed and thanked God for this beautiful life.As my mom opened the door she played a prank on me saying,”Why are you late?Do you met someone?” I said ,”Yes,I met life.”  and went into sweet slumber.

  1. abhishekuh says:

    Stupendous..You caught the truth of life with precision. Looking forward for more posts..

  2. Pooja Katyal says:

    All praises for this beautiful piece of writing..the encounter of urs wth life on street is an exhilarating experience whch u hv very nicely pen down…i wonder why ppl r in pirsuit of happiness…if thy really want to b happy thn u can find it in these small joys of life..we need to step out frm our cacoon nd explore d life…keep writing nd enjoying d finest things of life..!! wud love to read more of ur articles…get going..:))

  3. Pavan Gupta says:

    really an impressive piece of writing Kritika, Its Life which reflect different colors to us and its up to us that How we use those colors in making our portrait lively….

  4. kritika27 says:

    @Abhishek-thanks alot brother.
    @Pooja Mam-Thanx alot Mam for spending ur worthful time on this.U stated the true fact that ‘We can find true happiness in these small joys of life’.
    @Pavan Sir-Thanx alot Sir for appreciating my small piece of writing and giving ur time to it.

  5. really its an immaculate caligraphy presented by you…very well connected……definitely this piece of writing will be praised and appreciated…keep on writing….waiting for more…all the dest 🙂

  6. kritika27 says:

    @Sagar-Thanx for the encouragement:)

  7. Pooja Katyal says:

    my pleasure..ur writing is simple nd serene like u…full of freshness..scribbing down my thoughts makes me pour out and share my joys nd inhibitions wth d world… totally wowed to read ur note… me waiting fr ur next article..:)

  8. kritika27 says:

    thanx for the appreciation mam.Definitely u’l get to see more of my work.

  9. AmiT says:

    awesome yaar…waiting eagerly for ur next post 🙂

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